You may be surprised to find that as a provisional licence holder you are as responsible for driving safely and legally as a full licence holder. You may be even more surprised that even as a passenger you have responsibilities.


Your ADI's role is to help you meet your legal obligations, but will graduallly transfer this responsibility to you as you gain experience and competence.


How many people we see doing things they shouldn't whilst driving never ceases to amaze us. You would have to be from another planet not to know the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving and yet over 87,000 drivers have been punished for this offence in the past 3 years - sadly this number includes 200 driving instructors. It's not only dangerous and illegal, we also think it's rude to use your lesson time this way.


At UDIDIT we take your safety extremely seriously and your lesson is a guaranteed phone free zone!


We also take extremely seriously the responsibilities we have in ensuring you do not break the law. This is partly because we can also be prosecuted for causing or permitting you to do so and partly because we don't want you to get into trouble either.


Here's a list of offences and penalty points for "causing or permitting"


Don't forget, we're in this together!

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