Full Licence Holders

Vehicles change, you change, roads change. This makes learning a life-long process. Whether you've been driving for a short time or for years there is always something new to learn. The amount of new technology that has been introduced over the past decade is incredible, but are you getting the full benefit from these? 

We have a full range of training and development solutions for full licence holders, find out more below.

Motorway Tuition


Statistically motorways are among the safest roads to drive on, however, because of the high speeds involved, when things do go wrong the results can be catastrophic.

This course is designed to get you familiar with the defensive driving principles for joining, driving on a motorway, overtaking, lane-discipline, speed-management and leaving the motorway. The session also covers fuel-saving techniques that you can apply to driving on any road.

The minimum session time is 2 hours and costs £26.00 per hour. There is a 15% discount available if you use your own vehicle. ​


Refresher Lessons/Driver Confidence


Have you passed your test but not driven for some time and dread being thrown back in at the deep end?

You are not alone. Sometimes life just gets in the way or your circumstances change.

Our expert instructors can gently re-introduce you to driving, allowing you to gradually build up confidence with a tailored programme so that you feel safe to go solo again.

As everyone is different please contact us to discuss your needs in more detail. 

The sessions are a minimum of 60 minutes and costs just £23.00 p/h

​UK Familiarisation

This service has been designed for people who are new to driving in the UK, such as employees visiting the UK or new UK residents

The course covers: 

  • The Highway Code; including UK driving laws 

  • Road signs and markings

  • Dealing with roundabouts and varying types of pedestrian crossings

  • Dealing with yellow box junctions and traffic light junctions

  • Motorway driving

  • General defensive driving principles and techniques

  • The basic principles of driving on UK roads 

The sessions are a minimum of 60 minutes and costs just £24.00 p/h

For more information about driving on UK roads with a foreign licence and to check if you are eligible, visit the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency website here



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