Older Driver Review

You may be reaching that milestone in your life where you're considering whether you really should renew your driving licence, or maybe you have a relative or friend in the same situation.

At Udidit our expert instructors can help you make the right decision by providing a professional second opinion. Safety is our main concern and honesty is our policy so we never give false hope.​

Once we have had the opportunity to see you driving, we can create an accurate profile and make our recommendations. These may include; advice on refreshing and updating your knowledge of the Highway Code, taking further training, considering adaptations to your vehicle or a change to a more suitable vehicle, or ultimately to support your decision to relinquish your licence.

Our Assessment



​Before going out in the car, there is a short questionnaire for you to complete. Don't worry though, this is not an exam, it's simply to help us build up a picture of how we can best help.

Once you've completed the questionnaire we will be happy to discuss your concerns over the phone with you, a friend or family member and if necessary arrange the next step - the in-car assessment. Again please don't think of this as a driving test. Our assessor prefers you to drive as you would normally so that we can make the right recommendations. For this reason we recommend that the assessment takes place in your own car  and in a familiar location so you feel as comfortable as possible.

At the start of the assessment there's the important eyesight check (you must be able to read a number-plate from 20m (66ft) The initial drive lasts for around 20 minutes and is followed by a short break so that we can give you some feedback on your driving risks. The assessor will then use the remainder of the session to provide guidance on reducing those risks. In total the session takes around 60 minutes or so.

At the end of the session we provide our written report and our recommendations. If you prefer for someone to be there with you, please feel free to bring them along.



Our expertise as Approved Driving Instructors is focused on the standards and techniques for safe driving and therefore as we are not medical professionals, our assessment and recommendations will remain strictly within these boundaries. 

We cannot give you advice on medical conditions. If you believe you have a condition that is affecting your driving we recommend that you seek professional advice from your GP.

There are many medical conditions that affect your driving and these are called 'notifiable conditions'.

This means as well as seeing your GP, you may be legally obliged to inform the DVLA. 

Useful Links

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Medical Conditions



Free Advice
Driver Assessment plus report £25.00​
Additional tuition £20.00 per hour

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