The Training Course

Part 1 Theory Test Course


​This part of the course prepares you for the first of three qualifying exams. It covers both the Hazard Perception Test and the multiple-choice question elements of the exam.

The Part One test requires a high standard of knowledge and understanding.


Using the course materials online, 

learning consists of a mixture of practice multiple-choice questions supported by answers and explanations that help develop your understanding.


Finally there are a number of mock-tests to ensure that you are test ready.

There is email and telephone support and if necessary, face-to-face training from our Udidit trainer.




Part 2 Driving Course

​This part of the course prepares you for the second of the three qualifying exams which is a practical test of your driving ability. This requires you to demonstrate the higher level of knowledge and understanding that you gained in part 1. 

The standard required is of an advanced nature. This is often described as brisk, yet professional. 

As this is a practical test, you will need lots of practice to develop the correct style of driving. Our expert Trainers have not only reached this standard themselves, but have also passed the 'Cardington Special Test' at Grade A (the same standard required of driving examiners) so they know exactly what it takes and will be able to guide you to a pass.

The secret here is to practice, practice, practice!

Following an initial driving assessment we will tailor a course of sessions to meet your needs - typically it takes around 10 hours to get you up to standard.

Practical Training £25.00 per hour
Part 3 Teaching Course


​Some say that this final part is the most difficult one to pass. We say "it's not difficult if you're well prepared."

This part of the course prepares you for delivering a driving lesson to a learner driver or full licence holder who requires development. This is predominantly in-car practical training using role-play, which is supported by home-study and preparation.

The test requires you to use the knowledge and understanding gained in part 1 and the practical standards gained in part 2 as a basis for your teaching. Our course and training is designed to link all this together and get you straight through to full qualification. However, if you decide you would like to gain experience before going for test, you will need to complete a minimum of 40 hours training to be eligible for a Trainee Licence. Not all of this needs to be in-car, so we can help you control the costs with some home-study exercises.


Please note: Prices do not include DVSA test fees. Find out the current cost of each test here

* Source HMRC Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings 2012 actual figure £29,844 Published in MailOnline 28th January 2013


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